Sitemap - 2023 - Geeks Of The Valley Newsletter

Duolingo's Evolution: From Third-Party Testing To In-House Innovation With Over 500 Million Users

Netflix Product Strategy Frameworks: Building The World's Largest Streaming Service

Unlocking B2B Growth: How Merge's Innovative Product-Led Approach Simplifies Complex Integrations

Revolutionizing Wholesale: Baskit's Blueprint For Supply Chain Disruption

Former Twitter's Product & Engineering executives building LLM platform that bridge the gap between domain experts & developers.

Former Elastic Senior PM building collaborative database platform

Former Venmo product executive building "fintech for crypto" platform

Visa-acquired executive building treasury OS

Former JP Morgan executive building payment loyalty platform

Former Shopify fintech executive building finance solution for Neobanks & vertical SaaS companies

Snowflake-acquired founding engineer building LLM application platform

Amex-acquired C-Suite building hotel booking platform for GenZ

Former President/CPO at a $3bn startup building something new

Snackpass-acquired founder & Google Fiber founding product team building AI automation platform for cloud savings.

Google-acquired founder / Chief Scientist building eye and gaze tracking for head-mounted displays, mobile, and automotive.

Plaid-acquired founder building something new

Cruise-acquired founder building Slack-native inbox for customer success teams

Tesla-acquired founding engineer building Creative General Intelligence platform

Ex-OpenAI / Stripe-acquired founder building LLM-powered productivity OS for knowledge workers

Microsoft-acquired Product executive building in the intersection of Gaming & AI

Former Facebook AI Research’s Applied Research Scientist building real-time AI infrastructure for personalization

Italic Employee #1 building no-code tool that helps anyone build simple AI applications in minutes

Ex-COO of a >$2bn startup building something new in the commerce space

2x World Cup rugby player building unified communication platform serving Premier League clubs, Tier-1 national sport teams and more

Stripe's Staff engineer building modern financial tools for construction

Walmart Mng. Dir. building wellness brand centered around high-antioxidant OVOO

Cadre's Product exec. building tax optimization tool for the modern investor

Apple's Senior AI/ML engineer building AI-enabled e-commerce search product

Lyft-acquired founder building AI and cloud-enabled video intelligence for every business

VMware-acquired Ops executive building SaaS revenue modeling for CROs

Exited founder & fintech exec building the financial intelligence platform for back-office

BoA analytics senior exec / ThoughtSpot-acquired founder building "Figma for Data"

Head of Kiva (US) building AI-powered debt optimization and management platform

Ex-Growth Equity founder & Exited founder building SaaS platform for private capital markets

Amazon GM (Podcasts-founder) building AI-powered product that reimagining how business software is purchased and sold

Stripe-acquired founder building something new (in AI)

Beam & FiscalNote executives / founding team building tool empowering sales teams in product-led companies

1st PM at Bluecore ($200m raised) building developer-first cloud compliance

(6th January) Opendoor GM building causality-as-a-service product

Docker-acquired founders building modern infrastructure access