Sitemap - 2022 - Geeks Of The Valley Newsletter

(21st December) Hopin's GM / VP Engineering building something new

(13th December) Fox-acquired engineering exec. building modern data store for computer vision

(7th December) Gympass-acquired founders building B2B subscription model that offers language learning solutions

(2nd December) LogMeIn-acq. & HSBC senior exec. building real-time data aggregation and asset transfer solutions for modern fintech

(29th November) Josh Buckley-backed exec. building utility-focused NFT

(26th November) Lattice & Newfront Head of Product building API that transforms documents into structured data

(22nd November) Founding (Growth) PM @ Coinbase, Robinhood & Superhuman building financial OS for independent doctor offices

(20th November) Better's CTO building infra for data engineers & data scientists

(16th November) Growth stage fintech-exec building savings and investment app

(14th November) Alibaba-acquired C-suites building "Rappi for Pakistan"

(12th November) Bain-acquired founder building carbon management software to measure, manage & report emissions

(7th November) Seasoned healthcare exec. / exited-founder building "Amex for Health"

(2nd November) Previous Benchmark, 8VC & CRV-backed founder building "Shazam for birthday"

(1st November) GitLab Product executive building AI-powered video collaboration tool

(29th October) Brex & Coinbase senior executive building stablecoin APIs

(25th October) Ex-CTO of Fractal building new L1 blockchain (solana network)

(Special edition) Helius Investment Memo

(16th October) Amazon-acq. Head of Growth building TikTok + Netflix for casual gaming (raising)

(9th October) Bloomberg-acquired founders building modern stack for usage-based software (stealth)

(2nd October) Ex-Stripe & Zillow ML engineer building AI-based PropTech platform

(Special edition) Dopt Investment Memo

(24th September) Ex-Tesla & Adobe building product ad optimization (Generative AI) platform

(22nd September) Ex Sequoia-backed executives building for SEA (raising)

(18th September) "Figma for Photo Editing" by Snap's alum

(4th September) The on-ramp to community-first venture capital

(Special edition) Superblocks Investment Memo

(20th August) $2B Visa-acquired executive building fintech automation platform

(17th August) Harvard & GS alum building business banking for crypto teams

(14th August) On-chain product analytics & "Amazon for crypto"

(10th August) Build and share ownership of your asset, project, or cause

(7th August) The world's first DAO Marketplace

(31st July) Music collectibles for every artist + music fanatic

(27th July) Ex-AWS & Coinbase infra engineers building APIs that handle cryptic on-chain data.

(23rd July) Ex-Dropbox, Amplitude, Productboard & Patreon building for modern product & growth teams

(21st July) "Linktree for crypto"

(17th July) Founder of Harmony Protocol building in AI and healthcare

(14th July) Ex-OpenSea & Robinhood building web3 tooling platform

(9th July) Co-founder of TensorFlow building a smart BI platform + ex-Quora exec. building the future of real-time ML infrastructure

(6th July) Ex-Thiel fellow / tier-1 VCs backed founder building financial backbone for ghost kitchen market

(26th June) 2x exited founder (sold one for $44m), building "Revenue Growth AI SaaS"

(19th June) Cloud-native metaverse backed by MiraclePlus (former YC China)

(13th June) AI-powered lip sync app backed by Sound Ventures, Jay-Z & Beyonce (raising)

(5th June) "Supercharge your savings up to 10% APY" - founded by Roblox, Alchemy & Anduril alum

(5/29) Bitcoin-rewards startup raising seed (34%+ QoQ GMV growth)

(5/22) "Plaid for Calendar" - Backed by Bessemer Venture Partners (currently raising)

(6th March) Slack-native plugin that help folks collaborate on their messiest, painful engineering workflows

(1st March) A financing platform for the creator economy

(13th February) The idea behind infinite scroll of social media

(5th February) What is it behind arguably the most important feature of a Q&A site

(30th January) Daily utility SaaS tool that enhanced the greater supply of talents

(23rd January) A note-taking tool that helps you make sense of complex topics

(15th January) Low-code tool that integrate pricing 10x faster

(9th January) If Airtable and GCP had a baby